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F. Chau & Associates is seeking attorneys and/or law clerks with backgrounds in technical areas including computers, electrical/electronics, semiconductors and related areas.

Available Positions:

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Associate Patent Attorney Long Island, NY (Woodbury)

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Frank and his firm have provided years of excellent service and value for Samsung…F. Chau has consistently produced at the average lowest costs among our US IP firms…and adopted efficiently to changing fee structures.
Vice President
F. Chau & Assoc. has been our top outside firm for patent prosecution for numerous years. It has an unblemished record in timely delivery of high quality patents…and worked within our budget year after year.
Senior Patent Counsel
Congratulations on this prestigious award and acknowledgment of your firm’s national standing [#6 in the country]. We and Voxx can certainly understand why they have credited you. Your firm’s fine work and responsiveness are a standard to be proud of.
General Counsel
F. Chau & Associates, LLC has been ranked No. 1 NEW YORK FIRM (No. 6 in the U.S.) in Intellectual Asset Management's "Top 10" U.S. Law firms which secured the highest quality U.S. patents in the category of consumer electronics.
Intellectual Asset Management (iam)